Rock Kickass is a action platformer set in a distant future. Rock is an android who must
rescue his creators from an evil maniac who plans to use them to build the ultimate doomsday device!

30 May, 2015


We want Rock Kickass to be a game full of surprises and challenges. We don’t really want the player to feel safe, or have them think they can take a breath whenever they want.

So, we worked on getting some destructible terrain and “drop tiles” added into the game!

What do you think?

23 May, 2015

Training the player

We’re still working on the first few levels of RK, this week we’re play testing some tutorial prompts. These are still pretty early features so any feedback is appreciated!

01 May, 2015

Rock Kickass "Lofi"

Yep, we’ve actually been hard at work in the months since our last post.

The most obvious thing first: we changed the art style and redesigned Rock. The amount of effort required by the previous art style (which used 64x64 sprites) was a lot more than I could handle.

Also, it was too detailed. I would get sort of lost in the design of characters and tiles, spending hours fretting over dithering and shades. The new sprites we’re using are 32x32 and are much less detailed (thow I’m able to put more effort into animations, as you can see).

Changing the art style is just one of the changes we’ve been working really hard on, but I’ll elaborate on the others in future posts. It’s super late here and I kinda want to just publish this and get some sleep :D

04 July, 2014

Rock Kickass submitted to Boston FIG 2014!

We’ve submitted Rock Kickass to The 2014 Boston Festival of Indie Games (Boston FIG)!

“The Boston Festival of Indie Games celebrates independent game development in New England and neighboring regions…”

It’s September 13, 2014 at the MIT Johnson Athletic Center in Boston, MA. We’re still hard at work, so if we get accepted and you can make it to Boston FIG you’ll see an even better version of Rock Kickass!

20 May, 2014

Sounds good!

Sorry about the potato video. We’re playing around with new sounds. Hint: they’re not 8-bit.

Another hint: they’re ‘realistic’ sounds.

Another Hint: oops, nope, that last one was actually the last hint. Ignore this.

18 May, 2014

Hit me with your best shot!

Today felt like a good day to start working on Rocks’ base projectile weapon. It can fire pretty fast, but has less accuracy and damage.

Our collision system is working great, handling the projectile collisions without any changes. Also making a debut in this post is Rocks ability to Wall-cling and Wall-jump.

Be prepared to use those abilities a lot in Rock Kickass.

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