Rock Kickass is a action platformer set in a distant future. Rock is an android who must
rescue his creators from an evil maniac who plans to use them to build the ultimate doomsday device!

25 February, 2014

Spring Cleaning

I’ve spent the last few days cleaning up the sprites for Rock. To put it bluntly, they were a hot mess. They didn’t use a common color pallette, the shading was off - huge mess. I took a screen grab of a before/after so you can get an idea of what the cleanup was like.

30 January, 2014

Meet Doctor Eel

Meet our main bad guy for Rock Kickass: Doctor Eel. Doctor Henry Eel is a mad scientist that is set on ruling the world. He needs the scientists that created Rock to help him finish his work. Only Rock can save them and the world.

16 January, 2014

Love for the city

New in this update is a city background tile on top of our wonderful mountains that were there before. Wow, I just got a wicked Bob Ross feeling… we’ll just put a nice little shrub over here… for our woodland friends to live in. Okay, enough of that.

The constant shakey cam has been removed. It made the level feel like you were riding on a train - the blocky tiles don’t help, but hey, thats for another day. Instead, the level will move up or down so simulate the rising/falling of a plane in flight.

The bubble-gun bug has been fixed, but you’ll have to take our word for it ;)

Until next time!

14 January, 2014

bubble-gun, or bug?

Working on a turret object and it looks like I set the fire rate a bit too high… or did I? Evil bubble gun, or bug?

13 January, 2014

Crusher and the closed boss room

So, now Crusher tosses spikes when he’s not busy trying to run you down. And I played around a bit with a closed room boss fight. Things still left to do:

  • Crusher needs a “I’m totally throwing spikes at you” animation
  • also, he feels too damage resistant, I’ll want to play around with his damage resistance.
  • the lab tiles are in need of some TLC.
13 January, 2014

Meet Crusher

Crusher is the first boss encountered in Rock Kickass. He’s made out of solid gold so he can take a ton of damage and packs a punch when he hits Rock. Definitely a boss you’ll want to dodge.

Crusher also has some nasty steel spikes on his shoulder that he’ll fire off after he charges. Be careful and quick on the jump and shoot buttons and you should survive.

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